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Working at home can be a task, especially if you are scraping by on a limited budget. In this economy, we have to revert to the ways of our parents. Those before us use to share our knowledge of saving and help each other. Its time we started doing the same thing. This is the entire reason for this blog. I like sharing what I know about working at home and what I have learned about saving.

People want to know that Apple is hiring technical support to work from home. They also want to know that Leapforce is hiring people and you do not need a phone to work. They might also want to know that its work at home as well. These are things that are very important to anyone looking to work at home. This is why I created Schmooze. There is a daily list of who is hiring as well as a list of places who hire on any given basis. There is also a list of wonderful and legitimate Mystery Shopping companies. Yes there are ways to mystery shop and no you will not pay a thing.

Working at home is no real secret, its just that people are not sharing what they know. It is time to put and end to selfishness. Learn to work at home, learn to save hundreds on your grocery bill and do it all for FREE! This is free information to me and I am passing it on to you. We are a village, its time we started acting like one!

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