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Hey Guys, thanks for taking the time to check out Taking it Home with T.Rochelle. I am T.Rochelle and this my blog. Duh, right. Well now that we are past all the formalities, lets get down to it. I do some of everything. I am pretty much your modern day Wonder Woman. Oh no I am not bragging, I just have a tendency to be everything to everyone at any time.

With that being said, let me tell you about my T.Rochellisms. I use terms like E-lationship. That's what we have right now. We have an E-lationship, because its online and I don't mind answering your questions. Our E-lationship can either consist of us talking about what is for dinner, working at home, starting your own blog, dealing with kids, movies, or plain relationship chit chat. I am pretty versatile in my E-lationships and yes I accept gifts on our E-nniversary.
We can also break up and its called amicable E-parture. Just try and avoid the speech.....

Its not me its you...we were doomed from the start...you were attracted to thought of being with me not necessarily the E-Lady that I am.

Yes its that sweet southern charm. I look forward to talking to you and reading your questions. I am an open book so ask away and if its too personal, you will know.

Also, check back daily for work at home job leads and these are jobs not get rich investments and stuff like that. I don't have money to give away but if you do then don't waste it on schemes when you can give it to me!

Please and Thank You

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