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As promised yesterday, I am delivering some work at home leads. Before I do, let me suggest you do what you would do anytime you start a new venture, get support. You want to join some key work at home message boards. I am starting one if you are interested. Its pretty new so there are not a lot of members but you can truly ask me anything. If you are interested in a nice variety of work at home sites then you might want to check out:
1. Virtual Vocations - Its a very personal site and the people are very nice. The owner sells a list of work at home leads that will be delivered to your email everyday but that is not necessary for membership. This is a cool place for new people because they don't snap at simple questions like some message boards.

2. Work at Home Mom - Truth be told, the ladies here are not all that nice. This place is best for looking for jobs and moving on. Do not get caught up in message board drama. These ladies are great at finding scams and great jobs, they could just use a lesson on tact. Its free so check it everyday.

3. Work at Home Mafia - This is a pretty new message board as well but these ladies have their stuff together. They have a nice crew of ladies that find jobs for you to check out and they keep an upbeat attitude.

4. Work Place Like Home - Another good place to find leads but you will notice most leads just repeat themselves. If you can get one good message board then you are good to go. The folks here can be a bit snotty sometimes but that's because just like wahm ,they have been at it for a very long time and they have little to no patience for novice questions.

These are your top 4 heavy hitters when you are looking for work at home support. There is also always contacting me. Now I want to suggest a few things I have run into recently:

Yes Another One


Bookmark these two sites because they are not hiring now but they do hire from home.

American Airlines

Jet Blue

The list I give will not be this long every single day but I will be pretty consistent. I found most of these jobs from experience, genuine jobs, and the message boards above. I basically check all the same hotspots over and over until I see a flame.

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