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Initially I was not going to talk about working at home today. I was actually going to go off on John McCain or possibly tell you how to make my Enchiladas but then I ran up on some hot mess. There was this website, HOT MESS!!

I should have kicked off my blog telling you guys that there are a ton of scams out there and to never pay for work. I could not believe the way these people attempted to take money from innocent people looking for work. I know times are bad for everyone but I highly suggest taking people's money. You never pay for a job outside your home so please don't attempt to pay for one to work inside your home. There are plenty of legitimate jobs out there, there is no need to pay someone money you don't have to get your hopes up.

When you work at home, you are not going to get rich quick. Its a job not a life preserver so don't think that you will make $2k a day. Its not realistic and it won't happen unless you find 12 people in one day to give you all their money like you would be doing if you attempted to do this. So if you ever have a question about a company, just ask. Please and Thank You!

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