Eat the Cake T.Rochelle!  

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I got a response from one new job I applied for and unfortunately, I did not get the job. I did, however, get the kindest response in the world. It just encouraged me to keep trying. I have to continue since, like an idiot, I announced my resolution would be to write a book! I wonder if no one ever sees the book, if it still counts?

Maybe I should shift my focus? I could take pictures of everything I can cook(like the yummy cake above) and give them to people who made the resolution to lose weight. Once they break the resolution, maybe they will buy stuff from me. What? I am getting desperate here!

Times are hard and so is the ability to put your hands on money. I watch these snotty rich kids on television spending a MORTGAGE on their wardrobe and I sit and think...... I wish they would go broke. I know its evil, but its honest. Is it really evil that I want to see Paris Hilton destitute? She did not work for her money, I can be mean to her. I could see if she was out doing a lot of good and she actually saved her money and was a frugal person, but she is not.

Okay T, its time to stop hating on Paris and get your piece of the cake (no not pie, cake is bigger). I am going to keep trying to go and get that giant slice of cake but I still want to help you all get yours as well so.......
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Beautiful cake! A paperback book that may help you is :Think Yourself Joseph Murphy, PH.D..., D.D. Lots of interesting info in it.

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