He wants me....I want him NOT!  

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Ringing in the New Year means ringing out your wallets! Its time to pay the piper. This is the one time of year I know a rich guy with a ton of money wants me, but only for my money. Yes I am talking about everybody's uncle, UNCLE SAM! Its time for us to face to the music and as an independent contractor the music is playing the same old song.... "I need a deduction and I need it now, Uncle Sam thinks I'm a cash cow".

This time of year is just another wake up call for me, it reminds me that 1) I need to save more and 2) I need to get another job. I tell myself every year that its time I reach out and venture into more things, but it never happens. I figure it will be easier to save than it will be for me to actually step outside my working comfort zone.

To ease the transition I have decided to apply for another job (yes I did it) and I have decided to sign myself up with a freelance site or two. I figure this will give me an option to work if I want and pass if I prefer. Its way less pressure and I can get my feet wet doing something I love....writing!
Here are some goodies if you are interested:
Writing positions
Freelance Site
More Freelance Work
And a little more
If you need more information about jobs like this then you should check me out in detail!

Now on to being cheap. Anyone that knows me, knows I am VERY cheap. I enjoy a great sale, I shop the dollar stores and check the discount bins, and I love ideas on how to get even cheaper than I already am. With that being said I want you to check out one of my favorite chef's on Youtube.

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Hi T.

I wanted to have a look at your blog. What a gem. Doesn't surprise me since, I have seen some of your other work. I think it is stellar that you want to help others get what they want. You will always be blessed with what you need.

Jay T. Firestone Co.

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