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Sometimes when searching for jobs to work from home, you have to look in some really familiar places. For instance, over at Virtual Vocations I posted a job for Huffington Post that I found on That job could have been found easier if I had just visited Huffington Post directly. You should check websites periodically and see who is hiring because you never really know when someone might post a job. Look what I found just by revisiting Huffington Post......
Then I decided it was time to visit Kaplan and Score again and found this...
Faculty Position
and then I went over to 1800Flowers and found this
Temp Customer Service

All this got me to thinking about how many companies hire but don't typically post their jobs frequently. As a job hunter you should not stop at applying only for companies who are currently hiring. You never know when someone will need help and a lot of times neither do they, so I say apply everywhere all the time!
Here are a few to start with but if you want more tips like this you might want to check out my Tips Section at Virtual Vocations!
Data Entry
Got good penmenship
Database Specialist

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