Alternative to Data Entry and Working at Home  

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What if there was an alternative to data entry? There is but most people are set for data entry and they do not look at the other alternatives. Well I have several options for those who cannot work in a quiet environment and this is just one of many.

Caption Colorado is hiring again guys. It seems that a lot of you are not making it to the leads sections, so I decided to share this information in the tips so that I can get this information to the masses.

When I say the leads section, I am referring to the leads I post here in the NEW LEADS section. There are all kinds of jobs there but I intentionally withheld this one so that I could share it in the Tips.

Caption Colorado is a captioning company. They do the closed captioning for different media outlets. They are hiring a part time Broadcast Captioner. This is ideal for those of you that dream of data entry or none phone work.

The qualifications are simple:

Ability to be a clean, complete, and consistent writer with 98+% accuracy.

Ability to be a team player, able to work within Caption Colorado's policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Ability to write conflict-free and use prefixes, suffixes, etc.
Commitment to being reliable and punctual.

Commitment to excellence in developing and maintaining superior real-time captioning skills.

Ability to learn and be receptive to suggestions.

Ability to self-motivate and be an independent problem solver.

Knowledge of Computer hardware/software.

Now I have written about them before in another thread but it becomes a memory sometimes when we are searching for work. Do not let this one slip by. Did you notice that I did NOT say that you 1345457567 years of experience? That is because its not necessary! Apply NOW

More Leads:
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***If you missed the Podcast then please listen to the replay of the show its full of valuable information.***

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