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It has been a nice week this week. I got a shout out from the Mafia, I got a gang of coupons from my coupon fairy, found a new coupon buddy, got my Refund Cents Magazine and got to see my FREE ad for my blog, and started my podcast. I have done an intro show and talk about easy. BlogTalkLive is the bomb! It was as easy as talking on the phone. Maybe that's because I was talking on the phone. Either way, I had a lot of fun talking to the masses that I did not tell that I was going to do a podcast. I guess I will share some of my good fortune and go ahead and share my podcast. I know right, I am just too kind.

Believe it or not, there are actually people who do not know who T.Rochelle is and what this blog is all about. Its our duty to let them know that its..
A BLOG ABOUT NOTHING THAT COVERS SOME OF EVERYTHING.... and she gives you free work at home leads!

Work at Home Leads
Tech Blogger
Freelance Writer
Web Savvy Writer
Trade Writer
New York Writer (best if you like to explore New York)
Real Estate Courier (Alexandria, Washington)
Short Story Writers

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