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Marketing 101 tells us that people view things with their eyes and use eyes first to make a decision. Its been tested and proved that colors like red and yellow are great colors for people who are selling food because those colors make consumers hungry. It seems pretty ridiculous but its true. Why do you think those golden are more like yellow? You know what color ketchup is so I mean that's a given, right.

What colors work for your business? If you want your customers to feel like they are in a clean sterile environment and you want them to remain calm, white is the color for you. For serious, bold, authoritative, dramatic effects, you will want to use black (it has always worked for me lol). Gold is equally classy and suggests wealth. I do not suggest overdoing it because excessive amounts of gold can be a little overbearing and arrogant. Blue can be a tricky color. Although darker shades of blue are bold and strong colors that let a consumer know you know what you are doing and you are experienced and prosperous, lighter shades can be seen as clean and refreshing but too much can imply weakness. Colors like gray and silver are very conservative colors that imply that you are focused and goal oriented as well as goal driven. You believe in traditional methods. Speaking of traditional, green is the color of money and usually represents wealth, but it also can calm a consumer as well as represent jealousy (green with envy get it get it). Orange can excite the consumer and make them feel that they can afford whatever you are selling even though its somewhat pricey. Accompany this with some pink and your sells could increase rapidly. Pink represents innocence and a sense of wellness. Dark purple has always been a sign of royalty and wealth. Light purple on the other hand is much like pink and its romantic and alluring. Brown is a trustworthy color and makes people feel that you are solid and trustworthy. Finally red and yellow are next. Red makes the consumer anxious, hungry, passionate, and broke. Never use red when discussing money because it symbolizes debt. Yellow increases your metabolism and catches the eye. Always use yellow in small quantities because large amounts can be irritating.

Well you have the complete rundown on marketing with colors. Do you agree, can you see this being true, are you one of the many who were not tested on these marketing techniques? Please let us know!

Also, let me know if you you really like my tips and if you want to see even more tips for working at home, check me out here!!

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