Work at Home and Join the Mafia?  

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Have you ever wondered how to find work at home? I have to tell that a great support system is the best place to start. I truly believe that the key to finding and maintaining work at home is through the support of others on the same path.

I post job leads everyday and everyday I wonder if anyone is out there listening. Imagine if I was still looking for work. How lonely would it be to sit at home saying, "how do I start to work at home",and never get an answer? This is a true reality for many but it does not have to be. There are support systems called work at home forums, where people just like you are looking for work and there are people who are actually helping them find it. I know, I know, people helping people, what a novel idea. Its the same thing I do here, except on a much grander scale.

Let me introduce you to a site called Work at Home Mafia. Its run by a work at home person just like myself by the name of Kim Artlip. Kim is the Mafia Princess but wait, she isn't there to make you sleep with the fishes. She is a little more like Glenda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Kim posts 15-20 work at home leads everyday. She even has exclusive leads not found on any other message board or website`1 (believe me I checked).

The Work at Home Mafia is truly the MEGA MALL of the work at home world. There is a work at home forum, Mobcast, online store, freebies, contests, live chat, deals, and coupons posted daily! Would you like to know who has a coupon for $75 off a $100 purchase? You would have to join The Mafia to find out. You wouldn't want to go against the family, would you? Yeah I didn't think so, tell them T.Rochelle sent ya.

Work at Home Leads
Freelance Writing
Technical Writer
Quest (still hiring)
Message board Monitors
Quickbooks Assistant
Music Blogger
Writers and Editors
Essay Edge
NCAA Blogger

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Thanks for the link on good work at home oppotunities. I will check them out.

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