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I have been recouping from the mega sales over the weekend so my apologies for not posting. I just knew I needed to gather as much stuff as I could before I showed you some of my savings photos. I am serious about being frugal. I figure the best way to teach awareness is to lead by example. I am going to show you all how to live life frugally. I will also give you chances to enjoy the fruits of my frugality. I will be giving away free prizes as our journey continues.

Before I get too into our journey, lets talk about working at home for a moment. I always tell you that there are jobs out there but now I want to tell you how to search on your own. Message boards are always a good start with any job search but a lot of the work needs to be done by you. If you find a company that you have deemed questionable, Google it. Google is your friend. It will help you find all the information on a job you can possibly find. I will give you an example:

WESTatHome is the name of our questionable company. The site looks very professional but lets keep looking. Search Google for WESTatHome. Now change the search to West at Home scam, still good? Perfect! Do not stop there, search their website for a hiring section. If they are hiring for the same job on their website then you know you have a legit company and West is a legit company.

Now try this with envelope stuffing or rebate processing. Its not pretty. It is also not legitimate work and can land you in jail with a felony on your record.

Work at Home Leads:

Customer Service/Tech Support
Tech Support
Freelance Writer
Chicago Editor
PC System Blogger
Selective Insurance

Deals to Watch for:

Redbox Codes
Walmart has Barbies for $3
Catch the deals at Walgreens!
Free toothpaste
Free Garnier Fructis Hair Products
Sambucoll for $1
Free Excedrin

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